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An error has occured in the KVV. Next year, we will participate in Harvard MUN in Madrid.  Belolow you'll find the correct course description.

Model United Nations - Seminar und Planspiel

Harvard Model United Nations 2019

Das Projekt "International Model United Nations" wurde vor über 10 Jahren von einer damaligen Studentin initiiert. Seitdem nehmen Studierende unseres Instituts regelmäßig an internationalen und nationalen Simulationen der Vereinten Nationen teil (Harvard World MUN, Geneva International MUN, HamMUN). Die Exkursionen werden in einem studentisch geleiteten Seminar (VM5, Master Grundlagen- und Vertiefungsmodul) vorbereitet. Das Vorbereitungsseminar wird durch Prof. Dr. Christiane Lemke und Natalia Dalmer inhaltlich und organisatorisch begleitet.

Auch in diesem Jahr haben interessierte Studierende die Möglichkeit, sich in einem Seminar gemeinsam auf die Teilnahme am "Model United Nations"-Planspiel vorzubereiten. Im März 2019 können sie dann "Delegierte" der renommierten Harvard Model United Nations werden. 

Seminar - International Model United Nations

Wintersemester 2018/2019

Seminar, SWS: 2


Lemke, Christiane

Zeit: Montag, 14-16 Uhr


Would you like to step in the shoes of a diplomat, pretend to negotiate with other state representatives a resolution related to the environment, human, rights, or security, hone your debating skills, and improve on your knowledge of the UN system, and international law or policies, more generally? Then you should sign up for this seminar! You will prepare to participate in the Harvard World Model United Nations Conference in Madrid in March 2019, where you and other students from around the world will simulate UN negotiations and represent the political interests of a specific country in different UN bodies (e.g., Security Council, WHO, or UNHCR). Prior to the conference, students will participate in the national Model United Nations Conference in Hamburg. Contrary to other seminars, you will be in charge and responsible for acquiring the substantive expertise needed to exert influence on the negotiations as well as organising and planning the trip. As every year, we will endeavour to get financial support for the trip to Madrid. You should have good English skills to participate in the seminar and the conference. If you want to join in Harvard World MUN, please apply until 27 October 2018 with a motivation letter (in English, approx. 500 words). A precondition for financial support is the participation in Hamburg MUN. Please note that you can acquire a "Studienleistung" and credit points for "Schlüsselkompetenzen" but no "Prüfungsleistung." The number of participants is limited to 25

What should I write in my motivation letter?

  • Short self introduction
  • Previous participation in MUN or other simulations, if any
  • previous experiences related to the UN and international organizations, if any (e.g. internships, seminars)
  • Reasons why you are interested in MUN simulations and why you want to participate in the MUN project
  • 250-500 words

Important: Deadline for applications is October 26th, 2016. We continuously confirm your applications during the application period. Our delegation is limited to 7 students and we can not guarantee if free places will be left at the end of the application period

If you have any questions regarding the course and the MUN project, feel free to contact us. E-Mails to Natalia Dalmer ( n.dalmer@ipw.uni-hannover.de)