Exams, Transript of Records and end of stay


General Information

The lecturers are responsible for the individual exams. Examination modalities are to be discussed with the lecturer of the course. In case of difficulties, please contact the Erasmus coordinator.  


A Studienleistung must be rendered in conjunction with a Prüfungsleistung to earn the ECTS credits for the course. In order for the course to be recorded with ECTS points on the Transcript of Records, it has to be completed trough an exam.

Exam registration

Since many exchange students attend courses offered in different subjects, incoming students are not recorded in the database of the examination office. For this reason, the Examination Office can not assign exchange students to an "exact" degree program and as a result it is unfortunately not possible for students to register online for exams. Examination registration must therefore take place directly with the instructor responsible for the examination, which should be discussed with the lecturer at the beginning of the semester.  



Certificate for rendered Studien- and Prüfungsleistung

Rendered Studien- und Prüfungsleistungen are certified by means of a Course Certificate. For each course attended a separate certificate must be filled in and signed by the lecturer at the end of the semester.

Important: The rules state that grades have to be entered for the courses to be registered in the Transcript of Records.

The certificate can be downloaded from the website of the International Office.

Transcript of Records

Since the Institute of Political Science and the Institute of Sociology do not issue the Transcripts of Records, the Transcript of Records must be requested at the International Office.

To apply for a ToR at the International Office, an application for the ToR must be made including all credentials. Please note that the documents are not accepted if they are incomplete.

Further information can be found on the website of the International Office.



An appointment with the International Office should be arranged at least one week before departure. Further important information about the end of the stay can be found here.