Application process

Welcome to the Institute of Political Science (IPW) and the Institute of Sociology (ISH)!

On this page you will get all the information you need for an application as an ERASMUS student at our two institutes. Please note that your main contact in this case is our "International Office". The following steps are taken from their page and can also be found there.

  • Step 1: Filling in the online application

    First, you must fill out the Online Application from our International Office. After completing the form, you will be directed to a preview page, where you can review the submitted information, correct them if necessary and eventually send them to the International Office electronically. After having submitted your data a PDF-document with your application form will be created. Please print this document. If you do not have access to a printer at the moment, you can also save the document and print it later. Please keep in mind that a print out of the online application is needed for the application. It is not sufficient to just fill in the online application.

    If you wish to change the data after the electronic transfer of your online application, you must repeat the entire application process. Based on date and time the International Office will only take your last application into consideration.

  • Step 2: Collecting all necessary documents

    Please supplement the printout of the online application with a passport photo, sign it and have it signed and stamped by the Erasmus+ coordinator of your home university.

    Your application CANNOT be considered if your own signature and/or the signature of your Erasmus+ coordinator are missing on the printout of the online application form!

    Please note that the International Office only accept applications in which sufficient language skills (intermediate German knowledge according to CEFR and/or in some fields of study English) can be attested by the home university. Keep in mind that most courses are held in German. Please inform yourself in advance in which language your courses of study (or research project) are offered.

    Furthermore, you must attach a current Transcript of Records, showing the courses and/or modules you have studied so far at your home university.

    Eventually, International Office need a Learning Agreement. Together, you and your faculty coordinator should choose courses from our course catalog or modules out of the module catalog (Modulkatalog)  that you wish to study here. As you might not be able to find the course catalog for the semester you will be studying here, refer to the catalog of the previous semester/year. After arriving in Hannover and attending your first courses, you may update your Learning Agreement with the actual courses you are taking here.

    More information on choosing your courses can be found here: Choosing your Courses

  • Step 3: Send your application via mail

    Please make sure all documents reach our International Office via mail or email no later than May 31st of each year for the following winter semester or November 30th for the summer semester.

    After receiving your written documents, examining your application and accepting you at one of the departments of Leibniz Universität Hannover, the International Office will send you an acceptance letter along with signed forms and additional information about accomodation, language courses, our Study Buddy Programme, arrival, enrolment and orientation days.



Please send all the necessary documents via mail or email:



What is a module? What is a "Studienleistung"? These and other elementary questions for studying at the Institute for Political Science and the Institute for Sociology are answered in the FAQ section.